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There are multiple gadgets storming the communication and computing market these days. With the advent of Smartphones and tablets while desktop PCs and laptops still in demand, it has become even more difficult for the web designers to come up with the web design that would support all these devices, as would be accepted by the web visitors. The website owners, of lately, has been found extremely perplexed as to choose between the devices where they can expect maximum online visits for their websites (or web pages).

That’s where the responsive web designing comes in to the picture. It is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. In simple words, the web page should be designed and developed in a way that it automatically adjusts itself according to the gadget used by the user and gives him an appropriate view of the same. The process involves various techniques such as apt mix of flexible layouts and images; intelligent usage of CSS media queries and responsive templates, etc.

Responsive web designing and development is basically a solution to the endless problem of varied resolutions and devices. For many websites, it is almost impractical to create a website version for various devices available, which tend to have different screen resolution. In that case, the website owner suffers the risk of losing visitors from one device over the other. For say, consider a situation where a website is being visited equally on tablets and smartphones. What would a website owner do under such circumstance? Or is there an alternative using which his online traffic doesn’t get affected, irrespective of the gadget it might be coming from? – Responsive Web Designing can come to rescue from this problem.

The use of html5 responsive templates is one major aspect of the responsive web design used majorly by web designers and developers. One can also find free website templates for their website online. In this era of numerous gadgets being, it is apparent that one might go mad to create web designs that are compatible with all the screen resolutions (of different gadgets). And the buck doesn’t stops here as you never know what technological invention is in store for us in every following decade. Managing them all along the way while their daddies might still be in demand is nothing short of climbing Mount Everest.


HTML 5 & CSS 3 Website Template (Not Responsive)

CSS 3 Website Template

Demo  I  Download


Responsive Technology Template

Free Download Responsive Template

Demo | Download | PSD Template Download


 WordPress HTML Template (Not Responsive)

html Responsive Template

Demo | Download



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